Kenna Park

Kenna Park runs parallel to Kippa-Ring Station, one of six new stations in the $1.147 billion Moreton Bay Rail Link project north of Brisbane.

The new park, designed by Moreton Bay Regional Council, features a central playground, fitness equipment and picnic area surrounded by turf and gardens installed by HL Contractors.

An Arqua Fountain with dog bubbler, powder-coated in Violet, replaces an existing water bubbler to cater for disabled access.

Park Tables and Benches with anodised aluminium battens and powder-coated Blaze Blue frames provide picnic settings in the shade, complemented by Blaze Blue Frame Bin Enclosures.


A Concourse DDA Seat in Bistro Orange and Lemon Yellow provides a comfortable place to watch the kids, a durable 3-seater for minimal maintenance.

“On behalf of HL and the guys on site at Kippa Ring, I’d like to thank Street Furniture Australia for supplying us with a quality product in the short timeframe we needed it by,” says Tom Want, Project Manager with HL Contractors.

“Their efforts to meet our marginal completion date ensured we were able to complete the project on time and hand something back to the Moreton Bay Regional Council that I know they are incredibly happy with.”

HL Contractors say the park is designed to increase family time spent in the area and to flex a child’s imagination, while decreasing the amount of landscape maintenance required.


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