Constitution Avenue ACT Australia (2016)

Bin-new.jpgAn upgrade of Constitution Avenue, from Capital Hill through to Mount Pleasant Nature Reserve, features a custom suite of furniture with touches of brass.

Hill Thalis Architecture and Urban Projects and Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture, with Street Furniture Australia, SMEC (urban strategy) and Able Landscaping, contributed to the transformation.

“Like Paris’ Champs-Elysses or Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue, Constitution Avenue’s successful upgrade will establish it as one of the memorable urban boulevards and vistas of the world,” says Hill Thalis.

“The resolution of its legible structure through fine, strong materials and detailing in the public domain will lend the Avenue an appropriate civic decorum, while making space for all the transit needs of a 21st century city.”

The ACT Government received a $42 million federal grant for the 2.5 kilometre upgrade to celebrate the Centenary of Canberra.

It includes transport, infrastructure and landscape improvements for the community, including new bus shelters, seats, benches, drinking fountains and bins with custom enclosures.

Street Furniture Australia worked closely with Hill Thalis’ Benjamin Driver and Aaron Murray in developing site specific furniture designs with brass detailing through to manufacture.

1236 3D Furniture v2014

Irrigated median strips along the avenue, planted by Able Landscaping with native and exotic plants, provide a green element for the new public space.

“Able Landscaping has worked with Street Furniture Australia for more than five years on a variety of projects and Constitution Avenue has been by far one of the most exciting and challenging projects we have collaborated on,” says Mathew Watt, Project Coordinator with Able Landscaping.

“We received exceptional customer service from the Street Furniture Australia team from procurement through to project delivery. They provided us with detailed shop drawings and helped resolve minor design issues.

“The delivery for the furniture was very successful although there were minor damages to a few items. Street Furniture Australia was very responsive with getting the damaged items replaced and organised their professionals to come down from Sydney to assist with the repairs and final touches on the furniture.

“Constitution Avenue has been in construction for over a year. Reaching final project completion, multiple sections were released to the community with the different variety of street furniture being used straight away.”


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