Escola, the new kid in school

street-furniture-escola-setting-accessible.jpgEscola is a bright and playful suite of benches and tables that can be customised to suit a variety of height and length requirements.

Named after the Latin word for ‘school’, schola, Escola is ideal for school-aged children. The suite can be customised to provide ergonomic comfort to children from kindergarten years through to high school.


Escola is highly adaptable and may be installed in a variety of configurations. The suite can be installed around a tree, for instance, or constructed into an L-, S- or U-shape, to heighten social interactions and best inhabit a specific environment. Escola is designed so that clients may create their own desired shape – the options are endless.


Manufactured locally in our Sydney factory, the range is made from all-aluminium (no timber), which minimises maintenance. Escola is finished to the highest quality, as well as being durable, modern and competitively priced. Choose a metal finish from a range of bright colours to make this suite a stylish and vibrant addition to your recreational area.

Ideal for schoolyards, parks and public spaces, Escola not only provides ergonomic comfort to its users and heightens social interactions, but is easily accessible to wheelchairs, prams and high chairs.

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